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Welcome to Bristol Waste Management. On this website you’ll find the extensive range that we are known all across South West for, including garden clearance services, hazardous waste removal, office clearances, house renovations and more. We hope you find what you and your business are looking for today, but if you have any questions about our services, or if you wish to get in contact for business reasons, then please feel free to contact us.

We have a Price List available for NHS which we can e-mail you on request. Instead should you require a quote we require the following info:

1. Part Number or Size, Kind of body, Sort of lid and any colours
2. If you require any choices like Quiet Close
3. Amount

Placing an Order…
… In case you can raise an Official NHS Purchase Order If you are from the NHS and can set an official NHS Purchase Order then you have a 30 Day Account.

… If cannot raise and Official NHS Purchase Order If you are from the NHS and are for example a Dentist, part of a Care Commissioning Group (CCG) or Primary Care Trust (PCT) and cannot raise an Official NHS Purchase Order we can process your order via Pro-forma Invoice. If you inform us on what goods you require we will send/email you a Pro-forma Invoice. After this invoice was paid (we take BACs, Card or Cheque) we may then add the goods to our manufacturing program. If you want to start an account this could be done once the first order was processed.
What has to be contained on your own order for all of us to process it: in regards to placing an order we require the following details before we can add the order to our making program:

Waste Management Bristol

Total Product Part Number or:
Product Size (e.g. 20 litre)
Product Lid Type (e.g. Hands Free Lid)
Options required (e.g. Quiet Closing Lids)
Body Colour you’d like (click here to see colour options)
Lid Colour you’d like (click here to see colour options)
Example Description: 10 x HSBS1026SC 20 Litre, Fixed Body, Hands Free Lid, Quiet Closure, White Body, Black Lid.
Please also contain any carriage due as if this is missing it will hold up the order.

If some of the specifications remain unconfirmed afterward we cannot process the order and it’ll remain unconfirmed. Please ensure the description is exact as there may be a handling charge (40%) should you would like to return goods.

Once your order was accepted we will send you an Order Confirmation which will validate your order was placed and certainly will be added to our manufacturing program.

Call us today on 0117 369 1033 for more information.

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