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Are you in need of bulky waste management? Look no further, Waste company is exactly what you need. Call  Waste company for efficient, fast, and eco friendly services. We have the manpower, resources, and experience to handle your bulky waste. We know all the ins- and outs involved in bulky waste management and can assure you that nothing will stand on our way to properly manage your bulky waste. 

We also offer free bins, obligation free quotes and excellent 24/7 customer service. We are just one phone call away.

Defining Bulky Waste

Bulky waste is the waste  made of  big items such as fridges, couches, desks and chairs. It is the waste that is too big to be collected like regular waste. Its collection requires a substantial amount of manpower. We have our man and van services to help with this.

Bulky waste is not only found in residential homes but businesses and offices too are also big contributors of bulky waste. Redecorating and enlarging your office space, updating your furniture, getting more practical desks and office chairs all require that you discard your existing furniture. The discarded furniture is what is known as bulky waste because it no longer serves its purpose.

Bulky Waste Management Bristol

Managing bulky waste includes getting rid of it by various methods including  donation and recycling. Sometimes, our bulky waste finds its way in our landfills.  Let’s discuss how to get rid of bulky waste.

Bulky Waste Collection Bristol

Waste company has been in the business of bulky waste collection for a longtime now. We know what works best and what doesn’t. That is why it makes sense for you to use us as your waste management company. We will collect your bulky waste, taking the weight off of your shoulders. Take care not to  leave your bulky waste uncovered in the rain as that might make some of your furniture such as couches, wet and too heavy to carry. 

There are other  free bulky waste services you can use but they come with a long list of rules and conditions as well as waiting periods. Us on the other hand we’ll provide you with an efficient service that you may use to eliminate your waste on a same-day basis. It all depends on you. 

Charity or Personal Donation Bristol

Another option available to you for your bulky waste removal is you can donate. You can donate either to charity or to individual people who are in need. Giving to the needy is always the best policy. You can try the British Heart Foundation for donation. They are always ready to accept any bulky donations you may have for them. Please make sure that the bulky items you donate to charity are in a very good condition. If you have inflammable  bulky items, ensure that they have fire tags to prove that they’ve been checked and passed fire security regulations.

Another option is giving your bulky waste to people who are in need of, say, furniture. Talk to your friends and family members to find out if they know someone who might need furniture or ask around in the office.

Remember what you consider waste, might be a valuable item to someone else and may help improve their way of life. If you need more information on how to go about managing your bulky waste, you can contact us on 0117 369 1033. We are always here for help regarding waste management in any shape or form.

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