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Food Waste Reduction Bristol

If you are looking for a recycling company to help you with your food waste management in Bristol, Waste company is exactly what you need. We will provide you with different ways of food management including food waste reduction, food waste recycling, and excellent customer service. Our services are cost-effective, effient and ensure sustainable food waste reduction and management.

We also offer free bins, free bin delivery, an option for you to choose when you want your waste collected, be it daily, weekly or monthly. Our collection staff is also available 24/7  for all of your waste collection whim. On top of food waste management and reduction, we also offer all other various kinds of waste collections. We can also provide you with different types of bins. From normal wheelie bins to roros and balers.

How is Food Waste Reduced?

Food reduction is just another way of food waste management . Food waste reduction is the first step to ensuring our food waste is not excessive. Food waste reduction is also known as food waste prevention, though these might not be technically the same, they serve the same purpose. Food waste reduction can be done by:

  • Creating an inventory  and using what you have left until it is finished.
  • Not buying more than you need.
  • Donating uneaten food to those in need instead of throwing it away.
  • Freeze foods that can be frozen to prolong their life. For fruits and vegetables, you can try canning them.
  • Reheat and reuse your left overs either to be served as is or bring out your creativity by creating a new dish entirely from your leftovers. If you one a restaurant, this will help expand your chef specials. 

Food Recycling Bristol

It is important that you know the ins and outs of recycling so you can understand how you are helping by recycling your food.

Food waste recycling does not involve a lot of complex step, it is only done in three easy steps:


For any and all of waste recycling, collection is always the first step. During this step, we will collect your food waste to be transported to recycling plants. At Waste company, we can offer you discretion so that our food waste collection does not disturb the running of your business or be a cause for a sore sight amongst your customers. We also collect as much or as less frequently as you would like.

Anaerobic Digestion

Food waste can be recycled in one of two ways. These are known as anaerobic and in-vessel recycling methods. First, we will talk about anaerobic recycling. At the recycling plants, the food waste will then be deposited into anaerobic tanks where it will be broken down by heat to produce fuel and become an energy source. The food waste is burnt at high temperatures in an enclosed space to control the release of harmful gasses to the atmosphere.

In-vessel Composting

This is the process where food waste is turned into a compost to create bio-fertilizers.  Just like anaerobic digestion, in-vessel food composting involves the use of controlled temperatures to break down the food waste to something else. It is also done in closed spaces to prevent harmful gases like methane and carbon dioxide escaping into the atmosphere.

We know that running a business is not easy. We have pledged to take the weight off of your shoulders and handle all the waste management aspects for you. No matter the size of your food waste, we can collect it and recycle it.

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