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Glass Waste Recycling Bristol

Glass recycling is one of the most convenient and possibly clever ways of reusing glass to ensure sustainability of the environment. It is also the longest lasting materials to be produced that we use frequently. With over thirty years plowing in the waste business, we have collected hundreds of glass waste from all around Bristol and all of the UK.

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What is Glass Recycling?

Glass recycling is the process of recreating old and used glass materials into new glass products. In the UK, we currently recycle about 71% of container glasses such as bottles and jars. However, by 2030 about 90% of glass waste will be recycled, which is 9 years from now! Did you know that pubs and restaurants in the UK currently throw away about 129.000 tonnes of glass into landfills?

At Waste company, we will help you divert 90% of your glass waste from ending up in landfills. We have a zero landfill waste policy and we strive to recycle at least 95% of glass waste.

Why is Glass Recycling Important?

Not all glass materials can be recycled but all glass jars and bottles are recyclable. However, be that as it may, recycling glass is one the most underrated ways of depopulating the world and reducing greenhouse gas effects.

Environmental Impact

New glass is made from natural resources namely, ash, soda, sand and limestone. While we don’t have any shortages of these basic materials just yet, digging up limestone, which is better known as quarrying, consumes a lot of energy and may produce harmful gasses in the atmosphere. Recycling glass to create new glass uses much less energy and does not require any quarrying that may cause more air pollution.

Reduces Air Pollution

Less use of energy means less carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere which ultimately means less air pollution. The air pollution is reduced by 20% and water pollution is reduced by 50%.

Recycling Saves Landfill Space

Too many glass waste ends up in landfills that could be recycled. There are some materials that cannot be recycled and have nowhere to go but landfills. So, by not sending glass waste to landfills and recycling it instead, you are doing our lands a great service. Glass can be recycled up to 100 times without losing its physical attributes and purity. When melted, it can be used to create a lot of different materials.

How is Glass Recycled

After we collect the glass waste from your premises, we will send it to waste recycling plants. There, they will be cleaned to remove them of their impurities and then sorted according to their colors and grades. Same coloured glasses are recycled together as that suggests they have the same chemical composition. 

Next comes the process of crushing into smaller pieces to make the melting process easier. When melted, they will be remodeled into new glasses, jars and containers. 

This process is significantly less costly than creating glass from original glass making materials. It is also the most sustainable method.

By managing your glass waste well enough, you contribute to the saving of environmental resources and your Duty of Care obligation.

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