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Plastic Waste Management Bristol

If you’re in the lookout for an innovative, eco-friendly and efficient plastic waste management company, you have come to the right place. We understand that running a  business can be a handful and we are determined to take the strain of plastic recycling off of your shoulders by managing everything plastic waste related for you. On top of our top class waste management solutions, we also  provide:

  • Free bins
  • Free bin delivery
  • Anytime collections.

What is Plastic Waste Management?

Plastic waste management is the steps taken to ensure that we reduce the plastic waste we create, recycle all plastic we’ve created or re-use it. This is done through  different waste management solutions such as plastic recycling, plastic reuse or finding innovative and sustainable ways of packaging our products.

Yes, the benefits of plastic use to society are unmatched. It is convenient, lightweight and durable. However, because plastic is associated with being readily available and disposable, preserving it is not always our first thought. Because of this, plastic waste has become such a major issue when it comes to pollution. Especially in our oceans, rivers and dams, in our landfills, our streets. It is  everywhere. It is slowly becoming a global pandemic and a threat to our ecosystems, especially our seas and the life they house.

Different Ways of Managing Plastic Waste?

To combat the problems that are caused by plastic waste, there are different strategies set in place. Here at Waste company we try by all means to ensure that we educate our customers to understand the different ways in which they can handle their plastic waste. We also provide our customers  with a waste transfer note for their security and peace of mind as well as offer them the information they need and would like to know about plastic waste management. 

As we have mentioned, there are a couple of steps involved in waste management such as plastic waste reduction and plastic waste recycling and it all begins with you. Let’s look at all the steps in detail:

Plastic Recycling Bristol

Recycling is one of the popular and most efficient ways to manage plastic waste. At Waste company, we are especially skilled in recycling plastic because of our zero landfill policy. This means that we ensure that the plastic we collect from businesses does not end up in landfills. Plastic cannot decompose or takes years and years to do so. That means that all the plastic that ends up in landfills will be there for generations to come. That does not solve our pollution problem. Only recycling does.

Recycling plastic also conserves our natural resources. Plastic is made from our raw organic materials such as coal, natural gases, crude oil and salt. Recycling keeps these resources safe from being obsolete. It also saves the amount of energy it takes to create plastic from scratch. Recycling plastic uses much less energy and almost zero of the natural resources mentioned above because we are creating from what is already made.

Call us today and we will ensure that your plastic waste is handled with utmost care and responsibility. 

Plastic Reduction and Re-Using Bristol

Managing plastic waste is not that hard. The first step would be reduction and reusing. Though plastic is convenient and easy to come by, it does not need to form part of our lives. We can look at different resources and materials to use instead of plastic materials. For example, plastic straws and plastic cups. Instead of having your tea or coffee out of a disposable plastic cup, you can  use an actual teacup or coffee mug instead. 

Another way of reducing plastic waste in the office is by using packaging that is made out of non-disposable plastic material like tupperware or disposable and recyclable paper bags. However, it is okay to use your plastic container as long as you are able to wash it and reuse it again multiple times. 

This above information is by no means exhaustive. There are certainly a number of ways that we can reduce and reuse our plastic in our businesses, workplace and our homes. If you want to know more, contact Waste company  on 0117 369 1033

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