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The Impact of Poor Waste Management Bristol

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We pride ourselves in being an eco-friendly waste solutions company. We also strive for zero landfill waste which means we divert all of the waste we collect from landfills and strive for  recycling solutions. Call us today on 0117 369 1033 to find out more. We will also provide you with free bins, free bin delivery and anytime waste collections.

The Impact of Poor Waste Management Bristol

You have probably heard by now that the best way to manage our waste is through recycling. However, despite the big steps we have taken to ensure proper waste management such as recycling, we still have a long way to go. Many businesses, homes and individuals still do not practise proper waste management solutions. This has resulted in various negative impacts to our environment, our society and our animals. 

Despite laws set in place to regulate waste management and to avoid poor waste management, we still find ourselves dealing with copious amounts of waste in landfill that could have easily been recycled, we still have a lot of people fly-tipping which is an illegal disposal of waste in areas not licensed to house any waste, causing major land, air and water pollutions. Practising proper waste management helps in curbing these kinds of impact of poor waste management.

What it Means to Manage Your Waste

Simply put, waste management is the actions we take to ensure that our waste causes the least negative impacts on the environment. This includes recycling, reusing, reducing the waste we create or donating the items we no longer need to charity so that they don’t end up being waste.

When it comes to recycling, it might be tricky to handle that on your own. You may not always know what can be recycled, where to recycle or the laws that govern other items eligible for recycling such as hazardous waste or electrical waste. Also, it does not help that laws about recycling are always changing.

It is for this reason that businesses are urged to use waste solutions companies for all of their waste. That way, they will be practising proper waste management solutions, avoid fines, closure of their businesses and even imprisonment.

What Happens When Waste Management is not Done Properly

Improper waste management has dire consequences not only on people but the whole planet. It also negatively affects the finances of the country. The money spent by the state to clean up waste caused by poor waste management is tremendous. Not only that, tourism suffers too because waste in places it should not be is a sore sight. No one would want to visit a place that is littered with filth. Below are some of the adverse effects that are caused by poor waste management practises.

Soil and Water Contamination

Sometimes, waste makes it way into areas it should not be instead of being at the recycling plants. We may think burying waste is a good waste management solution because it is out of sight. However, that waste might have contaminants that leak into the soil. Some of it makes its way into our drinking water systems and our dams where animals get their water from. Then the plants that grow from this soil absorb the toxic contaminant. Humans and animals then ingest these plants and therefore get all sorts of health issues such as kidney damage, metabolic disruption, reproductive disorders and some cancers. s

Climate Change

We might not be entirely aware of this but burning of waste is not a best waste management practise. The fumes from the waste may be harmful to the atmosphere which then exacerbates the issue of climate change we are already faced with. The world is becoming warmer, our ice caps and places formerly frozen over are melting. If this isn;t corrected soon enough, we may find ourselves on the brink of extinction.

Harm Towards Marine Life

The amount of plastic waste in our oceans is flabbergasting. Daily, marine life is found on the shores, dead with its stomach full of plastic. Ourmarine life is a major contributor to the levels of oxygen we need to continue living. However, our waste kills millions of marine life and marine ecosystems each year. All of which could have been avoided if we all practised proper waste management.

Kill the cycle and call Waste company today to ensure that your waste does not contribute to the adverse conditions the world is faced with due to poor waste management practises. We are available anytime and come pick your waste anywhere in Bristol.

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