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We live in a technological era now. And that means we need the use of technology everyday to live fully functional lives. So, due to the growing use of technology, electrical equipment waste increased. It is now one of the most rapidly growing waste streams. This is because as technology advances, our technological gadgets that we already own go out of date just as quickly and we have to replace them with newer versions.

This is especially true with our businesses. If your business produces a lot of  weee waste that you need help getting rid of, call us on 0117 369 1033.  We are a licensed and certified weee waste management services and will help you abide by the guidelines set in place for weee waste management.

What is WEEE Recycling?

WEEE recycling is the method by which electrical items that have reached their end of life or are no longer needed get disposed of responsibly to create new items like cell phone parts or car parts. WEEE comes with stringent guidelines that businesses as well as waste companies need to follow. Luckily, with over 30 years of experience with waste disposal, Waste company has all the expertise and will dispose/ recycle weee waste responsibly and eco-friendly. 

How is WEEE Recycled?

So, how is weee recycled? We will collect the items from your premises at an agreed time time that you wish for.  We will then take it to recycling plants where they’ll be shredded into smaller pieces to make the waste easier to work with. Shredding them into smaller pisces also helps with the separation of steel and other non metallic items. Then after this, they will be sent to different manufacturers to be created into other items such as car parts, mobile phones and jewelry.

Re-Using WEEE 

Waste does not mean useless. It just means that there is no use for a certain time at a certain place at a particular time. That means that some equipment might still be in good working conditions and can be used by someone else. Say you bought  a new and updated printer with extra functionalities but your old one still works just fine, then you don’t have to throw away the old one. You can donate it to charity or give it to someone who might appreciate having it. If you would like to make some money out of it, you can sell it as a second hand item either to retailers who accept second hand items, pawn shops or other people.

By reusing or gifting your weee to someone else, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and the amount of weee waste created. Talk to us for more information,

Different kinds of WEEE Waste 

Weee are all the products that work with a use of a battery and plug or electricity. It can be domestic and professional waste and it is categorized by ten broad categories, such as:

  • Telecommunication equipments such as computers, telephones, copy and fax machines
  • Lighting equipments: Fluorescent tubes and some lamps
  • Electronic tools: Drills, sewing machines, electric lawnmowers
  • Monitoring equipments: Smoke detectors, thermostats, air conditioners
  • Automatic dispensers : Coffee makers, ATMs or other money machines
  • Leisure and sports equipments: Gaming consoles, gyming equipments like treadmills etc
  • Household Electrical appliances: Fridge, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, water dispensers.
  • Medical devices such as x rays, cardiology equipment and dentistry equipment.
  • Small household electrical appliances such as kettles, electric heaters.
  • Consumer equipment such as mobile devices, TV’s , laptops, wearables.

Electrical items contain a lot of harmful substances that, if not disposed of properly, can leak into the soil and contaminate our drinking water, affect our crops and our animals. They also emit harmful gasses into the atmosphere. By using us as your waste management company, all of your weee recycling worries will be put to rest. We will provide you with a waste transfer note and a waste audit. We are always eager to help you uphold your duty of care pledge!

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